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Workshop Announcement - Classical antiquity and computers

In the upcoming summer semester our team member Robert will hold once a week a workshop for students of the classical antiquity departments (classical history, classical philology and archeology) at Karl-Franzens University in Graz, enabled by the Department of Classical History. (Special thanks to Prof. Spickermann!)

First, some useful projects (e.g. Perseus, Alpheios, etc.) are going to be presented, which could facilitate the ordinary work of classical antiquity researchers, then our LLT project is focused. All participants become acquainted with our ideas and visions (and of course our work, we've done so far...) concerning Latin and Computers. There's going to be a lot of practical stuff (for example treebanking with Alpheios and of course discussing its sense) and much time to talk about Digital Humanities at all. Last, for all the future Latin teachers out there, the usefulness of computers & Latin in school is examined.

This is a great chance to bring the idea of treebanking to Graz and increase the number of its proponents.