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The Importance of Crowdsourcing

A big issue in the development of the LLT is crowdsourcing. When the LLT parser returns piles of data, somebody has to check if the results are correct. Concerning Caesars Bellum Gallicum we’re talking about approximately 50.000 words, an amount which is too big to be verified by a single person...

The idea is to set up a crowdsourcing platform, where everyone with a minimum of Latin skills can contribute. Especially, we are thinking of classrooms. Students can easily enhance their knowledge by correcting trees. A collaboration with the Perseids Collaborative Editing Platform in this regard seems to be a brilliant way to achieve the setup.

The idea of crowdsourcing is nothing new to the world, it is already used in science. A recent article in an Austrian newspaper (Der Standard) deals with some crowdsourcing projects in science and their benefits.